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4 x 4 Posi-Lok -A patented cable operated locking mechanism that replaces the OEM vacuum shift motor in the Jeep & Dodge and the thermal actuator in Chevy/GMC.
Art Houser's Rear End Service -"Rears for all vehicles. Specialty 9-inch conversions.
ClutchNet USA -We can make a Clutch Disc for virtually ANY car in the world.
DriveTrain Direct -Complete selection of drive train componets.
Flat-o Products -Ford transmission adapters and change-overs.
Gennie Shifter -Custom shifters and accessories.
Halibrand -Quick change rear axles and custom wheels.
The Hot Rod Works, Inc. -Modern Driveline Components For Early Fords 1932-1948.
Randy's Ring & Pinion Service -We offer low prices and fast, courteous service.
Richmond High Performance -Richmond is the leading manufacturer of professional quality, hi-performance ring and pinion sets.

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