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1936 Plymouth - The webpage for my 1936 Plymouth Convertible Coupe P2 Deluxe Six.
AllPar -AllPar (Chrysler-Plymouths-Dodge Central) - an extensive Chrysler, Plymouth, and Dodge owner and enthusiast site with over 200 pages on past and present cars and engines.
The Dodge Dart Page
Foreward Look Mopar -Created to foster discussion among all 1955-1961 Chrysler, DeSoto, Dodge, Fargo, Imperial, and Plymouth owners & enthusiasts all around the world.
Tony's 1968 Dodge Dart Web Site - If you like MOPAR this is the place for you .
PENTASTARS A History of Chrysler.
Valiant Varieties Worldwide -This site contains information on the Plymouth Valiant, Plymouth Duster, Dodge Dart, Chrysler Valiant Charger, Pacer, and many other cars based on the "A body" platform.

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