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Explanation of Fees and Terms!
Finder’s Fee:
This fee is listed with the item information. Upon receipt of this fee, OCF will make contact with the seller to insure the vehicle/item is still available. OCF will then notify the buyer of the seller’s name, address and phone number(s). OCF will then reserve the item in the buyer’s name until notified that the buyer has purchased the item. This reservation is for a period of time not to exceed fourteen (14) days. The OCF Finder’s Fee is non-refundable once the seller’s information has been delivered to the buyer. ( If the item is no longer available, the fee will be returned.)
Brokering Fee:
This fee will be charged if the buyer requests OCF to purchase the listed item in the buyer’s name (to guarantee purchase). This fee will be negotiated when the buyer notifies OCF of their wish to utilize this service. The Broker fee will normally be 10% of the sale price ($200 minimum). This fee will be charged in addition to the OCF Finder’s Fee. It may also be charged in conjunction with one or more of the other OCF fees.
Fee for retrieving and transporting to our facility:
Some listed items are known to be located in extremely remote locations. Buyers may request that OCF make arrangements to retrieve the item and move it to the OCF facility for pick up. Actual towing fees will be paid by the buyer. OCF may arrange for loading equipment when the buyer is ready to take delivery of the item.
Storage Fees:
Items brought to the OCF facility will be held for fourteen (14) days. There will be a $2/day charge to the buyer for storage thereafter.
Preparation and Transportation Fees:
If the buyer requests that OCF arrange for shipment or transportation, a fee of $40/hr plus materials (required for packing) will be charged by OCF. The transportation fees will be based on current freight charges. All fees will be prepaid before item is shipped. (OCF has equipment for transporting some items into a limited area of service. Please ask for details.)COD’s: There will be no COD’s or Freight Collect shipments.
All contractual agreements between OCF and buyer will be executed before items are purchased; retrieved; stored; or shipped. There are NO exceptions.
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