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OldCarFinders Classified Ads!
Classified Ads for PERSONAL Vehicles will be listed FREE. For Dealerships the rates shown below shall apply. ALL "Vehicles Wanted or Parts Wanted" will be listed FREE. The FREE Classifieds are renuable. Classified ads are limited to a description of 300 words and two (2) black and white or color photos. Photos will be resized to approximately 320x240 pixels. Electronic photos are preferred. Electronic photos can be submitted via e-mail or disc. For return of original photos or disc, please enclose a S.A.S.E.
For dealer rates or multiple vehicle listing rates, please contact:
Oldcarfinders classifieds rates
Time allotment Price
1 month $25.00 US
2 months $40.00 US
3 months $50.00 US
6 months $75.00 US
Please note that these rates and the maximum number of months may change.

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